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An Indulgence Like No Other

Pairing Chocolate and Alcohol


 The next time you reach for  the chocy, consider washing it down with it’s best friend: alcohol.  

Check out our 6 top-notch chocolate and booze pairings. 

Chocolate  and alcohol make a fine pair. Whether you’re into bold reds, dark  stouts, or the odd whisky nightcap, there’s a chocolate to match your  sip of choice.

The matchmaking, however, is the hard part. If  Snickers and IPA is your match made in heaven, then by all means, stick  with it. But for those only starting to dip your toes in the chocolate  and booze-pairing realm, here are a few to start out with. 

Whisky / Bourbon


Like whisky, chocolate comes in a multitude of different  varieties, flavours and origins. The two can work in harmony,  highlighting each other’s subtle hidden flavours or mellowing out any  harshness. 

Single-origin chocolate will be your best bet when it  comes to experiencing it with whisky. This means that the cacoa beans  are produced in one region, giving the chocolate a distinctive, pure  taste. 

Milk chocolate can highlight the spicy kick in rye whiskeys, the bitterness of 70 per cent cacoa can be softened by the sweetness of an aged whisky and a smoky dram works nicely with white chocolate. 

 Bourbon also pairs brilliantly with chocolate. The velvet smoky  characteristic of most bourbons tends to blend well with a chunk of high cocao content chocolate or in these Maker’s Mark cookies, if  you’re looking to treat yourself. American whiskey often has strong  vanilla notes from the use of American Oak – a flavour that likes to mingle with darker chocolates.   


Dark chocolate covered fruits / Cognac VSOP – The bitterness of dark chocolate, including those with nutty, floral and fruity notes, pairs well with an aged Cognac, standing up to its complexity. ... Valentine's Day may only come once a year, but premium Cognac is more than just a beverage. 


 Chocolate and rum are both children of the Caribbean so they get on  rather well. Sugar cane – a main ingredient in rum – is affected by  where it’s grown, just like cocoa beans. Therefore high percentage, single-origin chocolates often compliment the flavours within rum. Caramel milk chocolate is also delicious. 



This one may surprise you, but the next time you go to chase tequila  with a lemon wedge (although we hope you’ve put that habit to rest), you  might want to try a square of chocolate instead. 

Tequila carries  toasty notes from blue agave, which works well with the creamy texture  of chocolate. Try fruit-flavoured chocolate or mint chocolate to bring  out the bright grassiness of the tequila. Chocolate with cinnamon or  chili will get rid of the heat but enhance that spicy kick at the back  of the throat. 

Choc and Alcohol Pairing Tips


  • Use high quality alcohol and chocolate. No amount of choccie is going to save a cheap, nasty spirit. 
  • Pay attention to the flavours and aromas of  your favourite drinks, and try and guess which type of chocolate would  compliment them.
  • When in doubt, go for similar (smoky and smoky) and contrasting (sweet and bitter) flavours. 
  • Listen to your taste buds. Your perfect match might be something out of the ordinary.