L'Amour Chocolates was created to exist in a refined and distinctive marketplace.  A world imagined by many but experienced by only a few. From a world’s finest single source French Chocolate from the Northern France town of Damville, our absolute objective was to create hand-crafted chocolate delectable treasures for a world that rests beyond what we know as luxury.  A quiet and refined place.  A place of post opulence where winds blow melodically, the sunsets are divine, and the very essence of life is simplicity and peace.  It began with the personal quest of its founder, Edwin Love, seeking more than an opportunity to consume chocolate but for an experience, an indulgence like no other.  So, the journey began, searching the world for a most satisfying palate pleaser, a most satisfying and simplistic lifestyle compliment.  “An Indulgence Like No Other”.  L’Amour Chocolates was birthed out of this very desire.

The very existence of L’Amour Chocolates is defined by understanding our extraordinary client’s personalities, refined lifestyle, needs and desires.  Both male and female business leaders, entrepreneurs and global citizens embrace elegant and simplistic luxury.  L’Amour Chocolates create sweet temptations from luxurious chocolates from a single source in France that are visually seductive, calming, relaxing and uncomplicated. Designed for total satisfaction to the mind, body and soul. More than chocolate, an experience, “An Indulgence Like No Other”.